Baraadsar lake trek


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Brief Description
The Baraadsar Lake Trek is one of the Himalayas’ few well-known hikes.


It’s in the northeastern region of Uttarakhand, near to the Himachal border, between the Rupin and Supin valleys, traveling east and then south. The trip begins in the Rupin valley and continues through different towns, forests, and eventually across the ridge that separates the Rupin and Supin valleys, providing spectacular panoramic views.

Day 1 – From Dehradun to Sankri (7-8hrs)

Day 2 – From Sankri to Barathachar (2-3hrs)

Day 3 – From Barathachar to Dhaldhar Meadows (4-5hrs)

Day 4 – From Dhaldhar to Deobasa (4-5hrs)

Day 5 – From Deobasa to Baraadsar Lake Trek (4-5hrs)

Day 6 – Rest Day

Day 7 – From Baraadsar Lake Trek to Rahla village

Day 8 – Rahla village to Sankri to Dehradun


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