Rupin and Supin valley trek ( kids trek)

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Region – Uttarakhand
Dehradun -Dehradun
Days – 6
Feet – 15,250

Brief Description
One of the finest trekking experiences for you would be hiking in the Garhwal region and discovering the isolated valleys of Uttarakhand. The Rupin Supin Trek is as entertaining as the name suggests. The Valleys, which are located in Uttarakhand’s northwestern region and on the border with Himachal Pradesh, are among the most gorgeous and lovely in the state. Trekking along the Rupin River inside the Govind Pashu National Park’s borders will be a life-changing event for you. You will get the opportunity to explore the two valleys in a beautiful trip through high hills, viewing the massive Himalayan peaks, primarily the Kinnaur Kailash Range, in the Garhwal Himalayas. The trip to Rupin Supin will wow you with its bizarre vistas, snow-capped mountains, and isolated valleys of Garhwal and Kinnaur at every stride and turn. The Rupin Supin Trek begins in Uttarakhand, in Bheetri. From there, we’ll go to Kurla Thaach, where we’ll pass through a few woods before arriving to Rikatik Odi. Take a few seconds to appreciate the magnificent views of the valley from this location, which connects the Rupin and Supin Valleys. To go to the Supin Valley, you’ll have to pass through a few more Himalayan towns, leaving the Rupin Valley behind. Enjoy the comforts of homestays before returning to Dehradun and spending the night at Sankri.

Short Itinerary
Day 1 – From Dehradun to Himri

Day 2 – From himri to bheetri to kurala thaach (8km)

Day 3 – From Kurala Thaach to Rikatik Odi (8km)

Day 4 – From Rikatik Odi to Phitadi Odi (8kms)

Day 5 – From Phitadi to Jakhol

Day 6 – From Sankri to Dehradun


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